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-Brown Daily Herald

"Mind Blowing..."
-Herve Vanel

"Your rhythm section sounds like they've been playing together for 35 years!"
- A guy at a show

(6:48:49 PM): I like
(6:48:54 PM): Ngolowake
(6:49:50 PM): it is very alternative
(6:49:55 PM): I like the cowbell
(6:50:13 PM): very moving
(6:50:44 PM): it has broguht me to tears\
-Josh from Scarsdale

"Aren't you a little young to be dressing like an old man?"
-Clothing store clerk (to Nate Sloan)

"The possibilities are endless... [when you play] I have no idea what you guys are going to do next!
-Jim Peters, artist

"[Dave Harrington is] such a fucking degenerate!"
-Mark Tribe, co-founder of

"I've always wanted one. I just never could grow it."
-Jose from Harlem Shakes

"You guys sounded awesome!"

"You guys sounded SO awesome!"
-People we don't even know!